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Updated: Feb 2

The idea behind this, is very simple!

To take photos of people who need them, who can't necessarily afford them.

I have been extremely lucky in my working life. Axiom Training was very successful over the 30 years that we ran it. We were able to get everything that we needed. The vast majority of people who came on our courses were not quite so fortunate. Their places were paid for by their employer. A lot of our "students" were in almost minimum wage jobs, the law required a certain number of people trained in first aid. For a lot of these guys paying for premium quality portrait photography is out of the question .

A similar set of circumstances exists where people are just starting out in business. They have invested all their money, time and energy in getting their business up and running. Finding the cash to pay for a personal branding, or portrait shoot is probably quite challenging.

My final area of interest is"dating" site images. I feel that peope are quite vulnerable when they are "partner hunting". They have often been through the distress of a broken relationship and struggling to pull themslves back up. Then they post a pretty awful phone selfie and try to find their new soul mate with it!

I have had some really lovely vouchers printed by the amazing Each voucher is for a photoshoot to the value of £250.00. This is a 2 1/2 hour shoot and includes 10 digital images. I have enough vouchers to give to people who help me by "sitting" for me, for a folio building shoot. I will give you a voucher, in return for sitting for me. This can then be used by yourself, or given to freinds or family.

I have vouchers to help your business startup. So if you are a small business just starting up, I will take some personal branding and/or business portraits to help you get going. Your website images are what sell your business, they should send your message loud and clear!

Personal ads! I can remember when they were printed in the newspaper under that heading! I feel that to find a new partner, the photo that you use must reflect who you are. When people look at that image, they need to see th real person, to get an insight into that person. There must be enough about the photo to make them stop scrolling down the app and look at the photo. Be able to look into the image and think "Wow", I like the look of that person! I have been quite successful at this, I am pleased to say.

I am setting a limit of an hours travelling, if its further, I will need to make a charge. For all three examples, the shoot and 10 digital images are in with the deal.

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