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Portrait pricing


The Instant

The Instant

This one hour session is for simple headshots, for your Linkedin profile or other instances wheh you just need a professional quality headshot.I use a popup backdrop, either black or white. Simple lighting, probably just one light. This shoot can be done in almost any location, even outdoors if the weather is good enough. One change of clothing!

Upon completed payment you will recieve up to 10 finished images. There is more detail on this further down the page. This package is £100.00. A non refundable booking fee of £50.00, the remaining £50.00 on the day of the shoot.

The Filter

The Filter

A more sohisticated shoot. Using a plain black, grey, or patterned grey backdrop and a technical lighting setup. This shoot requires more space, however, when required it can be shot in a small space, but it takes longer. Weather permitting we can do a set outdoors.  two hours does allow for a couple of changes of clothing and accessories. Upon completed payment you will recieve up to 40 finished images. This package is £200.00, with a £50.00 non refundable booking fee, the remaning £150.00 payable on the day of the shoot.


The Whole Bean

The Whole Bean

The top package, the whole bean! This is a three hour, full on portrait shoot and as a portrait photographer, this is my favorite package. It comes with different backdrops and several lighting setups. We can shoot in as many different locations as we can squeeze in, with as many changes of clothing as you like. This is the proper way to make a portrait. As the time passes, the images gradually improve as we relax into the shoot. Usually the best shots happen towards the end of the shoot. The three hours pass so quickly. At the end of the shoot, upon completion of the payment I will give you all the images that make the grade. This can be 300 or more. This is the shoot that comes with the voucher.This package is £300.00, with a £50.00 non refundable booking fee, the remaning £250.00 payable on the day of the shoot


The Gift Certificate scheme

I use a gift certificate scheme. I give gift certificate to my preferred charities - which are St Richards and Kemp Hospices and the Worcestershire Breast Unit Haven. The certificates are used as raffle and competition prizes. I also give them to local schools and the like on the same principle. The certificate entitles the holder to a "Whole Bean" shoot. I have some certificates available for other good causes. If you think that you might fit the criteria, please contact me.


Post Processing

Finished images

The finished image is a combination of the original photo and the subsequent development of that photo. I am an advocate of a minimal amount of post processing, I like the image to be real! I do like to tidy up unsightly skin blemishes, and I will crop the edges of an image, to remove things I would rather not see. I adjust the white balance/colour correction and contrast. I do my utmost to get it "right in camera". Adjusting clothing, fly away hairs, or anything else I might see. This might take a moment or two longer while making the image, but it saves a great deal of time and faffing about later. 

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