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This is me, the Collection

A page of exquisite portraiture

You have had the just about the worst experience possible and feel that you are determined to win. These images are to lift you up, to show the world that you are not defined by what has happened. You are stronger, more beautiful that that!

These images  show you, your inner strength, the bit most people don't get to see.

Clock tower

The Story

After photographing a couple of Balls, rainsing funds for the Worcestershire Breast Unit Haven, I was thinking, is there anything more that I could do to help? I have some family members and friends who have had breast cancer.

My superpower is making photos, how can I use this? It became obvious.

By making uplifting, empowering, esteem building, and every other expression you can think of, and beautiful images!

There were a few hurdles to jump through. I needed ethical approval from WBUH, which was readily given. plus a few other bit. What remains is to fill the page!

The images
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