I'm Martin, I take photos!


I have always liked fixing stuff, I liked taking my sister's record player apart to make it into a "stereo", a very long time ago. I got a bit older and played with cars, my first two jobs were fixing cars, trucks and whatever. Then my Dad set fire to his house, unintentionally of course, I started in the Fire brigade in April 1982 and I loved it! We had such an incredible time. In 1988, I became the Brigade Radiation Protection Officer and got to the most amazing places, I spent a week at the Nuclear site at Sellafield, and wrote a book on "Tall Building Rescues" which is still used to this day. In late 1982 I volunteered for Longtown Mountain Rescue Team, which I did until 2004. What fun that was! They were such a fantastic group of people and it fed my desire to be in the hills. Getting to winch in and out of a SeaKing helicopter was breathtaking! I left Mountain Rescue to become a Community First Responder or "CFR" for West Midlands Ambulance Service. In 1990 I was leaving Hereford and Worcester Fire Brigade,  getting remarried (again) and starting Axiom Training. We taught 40,000 people first aid over 30 years. Axiom Training was fabulous, I travelled the length and breadth of Britain, I went to Europe and Egypt training. I took my camera too. Having taught all those people first aid, I continue to be a CFR. I have done CPR on 98 people ( six people have survived this) and attended over 2000 patients, up to January 2022!

We have had three houses, two children, and two dogs, during that time. I particularly like Labradors! We have experienced the full range of ups and downs, over that 30 years! In 2019, I had severe PTSD and was saved by the FireFighters Charity. This changed my mindset and I needed to change a lot of stuff in my life

Then enter the pandemic! So in May 2020, we decided to close down the training business, the risks associated with COVID19 were just too great. Now its 2022 and Axiom.Pictures is up and running, in which I specialise in Portrait, wedding and Brand  Photography, this is a very exciting venture and I am doing something I really love! 

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