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Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Choosing a wedding venue is a very difficult thing to do, some people get married at home, some in a church, a hotel, a tent, etc, etc the list is seemingly endless. Choosing the right one, requires a lot of thought. In a similar vein, a wedding photographer can be equally difficult to choose.

I first went to Dinthill after being contacted by them, I had driven past there many times and wondered! After an initial chat I called in to meet Moira, and immediately got on well with her.

Moira had asked a magazine company to make them a brochure, and where posiible to use local providers, and coincidently, I'm local! Since then I have spent some time there, even doing medical cover for the "MacMillan Fun Day".

Some lucky people find the love of their life and get married and then live "happily ever after" the rest of the world is not quite so lucky. Whatever the circumstances, when we do find the right person, we have to make the most of it. Lots of brides/grooms say that their wedding day goes by so fast that they struggle to remember the details. They have their dream partner, the perfect venue, all of their friends and family and then quite suddenly the day and the deed are done, and its all over. Your memories of that day are stored in the photos, Make sure you get good ones.

I like to meet a couple I'm going to photograph at the begining of their wedding journey. Coffee, cake or even some procecco, gets our first meeting off to a great start. There are so many little details to plan, at this first meeting, we will make and outline a plan. Then over the following months, we will gradually fill in all of those little details and make a proper plan. Some people say that they only want "candid" photos. Even this requires a plan! Whatever genre of photography you choose, we still need to make enough photos, so that in 20 or 30 years time, they still evoke the memories of your wonderful day.

We have had all the pre-meetings necessary, even had a pre wedding photoshoot. The day has arrived. If we are doing "dressing photos", we will get those done, they are so romantic! Then off to Dinthill. When the guests arrive at the venue, they are looking their absolute best. I love photos of all that. Then each part of the day is photographed, the ceremony, wedding breakfast, speeches and so forth. Gradually building up the photographic record of your special day. The last bit, the first dance, is usually my queue to leave. Sometimes, I do stay on for a bit, having a good chat and getting more candid photos.

The packages:

My basic package is the "Shorty" a three hour, ceremony and arrival shoot. This covers the wedding party arriving for the ceremony, photos of the actual ceremony and then the essential photos of Bride/Groom immediately post ceremony. There is a bit of leeway on the day to accomodate the inevitable delays etc. I include either a short, 30 minute, pre OR post wedding day shoot. This gets you used to me taking your photo, or gives a chance to take a few more shots, when things are a bit more relaxed. I would expect to get 300 or so photos during this type of shoot. I will have these photos with you, on an engraved memory stick, by the end of the week, 5 to 7 days. This package is £600.00. Half is payable as a non refundable booking fee and is payable at the time of booking, the remainder is payable at least one week before the wedding date.

The "Middling" package. This is 6 hours, which allows for a bit of time to photograph "dressing" as well as the journey to the venue. Arrival of the guests and the happy couple, the ceremony. A post ceremony shoot, with all the formal and informal shots, and the speeches. If the speeches are of a reasonable duration, this package will include up to the first dance. Again there is a bit of leeway in the actual duration.

I would expect to take 500 - 600 photos, which I will get to you on an engraved memory stick, about a week or so after the wedding. This package is £1,200.00, there is a non refundable £300.00 booking fee, the remainder being due, at least one week before the wedding day. I can of course accept part payments for this.

The "Complete" package. This package is fully inclusive, with a second photographer. Both partners can be photographed during dressing and preparation. As this type of wedding tends to be larger, there are two of us to photograph the arrivals of the guests and the bridal couple. A comprehensive ceremony shoot, with a post ceremony shoot around the venue, with all the formal and informal family shots. A personalised and private shoot for the bridal couple to get some unique photos of the day. Full coverage of the speeches and then coverage of the evenings events, up until the end of the party. Also included is a pre wedding or engagement shoot and a two hour post wedding shoot, this is usually on the following day.

I would expect to get over a 1000 photos during this type of wedding, which will be presented on an engraved memory stick, and it will take a couple of weeks for me to get all this done. This all inclusive package is £2,250.00. There is a non refundable £300.00 booking fee, payable with the booking. The remainder being payable at least a week before the wedding.

I know that I am more expensive than some photographers, and indeep cheaper than some others. However, I believe that I offer very good value for money, and a very personalised service.

This is one of the most important decisions you make about your wedding, please contact me for an informal, no obligation chat, and I would recommend that you also interview at least one other photographer. I can be contacted on 07770923503 or

Unless I am asked, I do not post peoples wedding photos on my social media. I think that they are private to the couple and their families.

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