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Portrait shooting during lockdown

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

I decided to start my portrait photography business during a pandemic! Completely bonkers. However, I asked over my facebook page for some models, so that I could practice and half a dozen people have come forward. I have taken a number of images, some of which have come out quite well. I went to Worcester to do a shoot with Susie. This was in Warndon, set off out into the woods and got some beautiful photos. Then, I stepped to the side of the path and straight into a huge pile of dog poo! However, Susie was very plaesed with the shoot.

Next stop was ledbury in Herefordshire. I met up with Bev and did an indoor shoot. These came out a bit more to my liking as they were all done with flash. A two light setup, with a silver reflector almost on the floor. I have two more shoots later this week, both in Malvern. I am looking forward to these and the challenges that they will bring!

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