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Updated: May 23

It was not difficult to think of this name, as our previous business for 30 years was "Axiom Training". This started out life after we had started first aid training in 1990. I had bought a medical dictionary, and looked up "Axon", which is a part of a neuron. Next to this word was "Axiom" which is a "basic or fundamental principal or a self evident truth", ideal for a first aid training business! Its "pictures" to incorporate the landscapes that I love shooting, not just portraits.

"Axiom" readily translates across into photography. I believe that a portrait must be an honest representation of the subject - a self evident truth! I really dislike the multitude of heavily photoshopped images that are around, somehow, they seem false to me.

I believe, that everyone has beauty within them (its sometimes hidden by previous experiences) but its there. My job as a portrait photographer is to find that beauty. "Our eyes are a window to the soul" so as I focus my camera onto your eye, I am looking at the real you. What happens next is, a combination of witchcraft and technology (the camera) out pops a photo of you. The way the lighting is setup shapes the image, so that together - me, the camera, the lights and you. We make the image, there is a little bit more to do in post production. I don't like doing too much of that though (not honest enough). Thats pretty much it. It just takes a lifetime to learn how to do it and a significant investment in equipment to enable it happen, simple really!

I have taught a great many of you over the years, some of you many times, I am eternally grateful for this, so you have seen a great many of my images. You know that I will get the very best out of you, during our photo session. I will certainly keep trying until we succeed!

My vision is to make truely beautiful images of you. To make you feel comfortable and confident while I am making that image, so that we really enjoy the process.

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