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Fine Art Portrait Photography

for the discerning client.
Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire

Together we will make amazing images.

Every image is crafted. Crafted using the ultimate ingredients. These are:-  YOU, light, and time  By using the very best of ingredients, exquisite window and natural light, or purposfully constructed studio light. Time, time used wisely, time to construct and adapt the light, time taken to present you at your very best, your clothing, your hair and makeup, when this is appropriate, and the surroundings. Time taken to present you, the way you stand, hold your hands, hold your head, the time taken to make you look your very best. This is not a time to hurry, this is a time for consideration. A time to carefully and thoughfully develop each image and each part of the shoot. Over this alloted time, these images grow and mature into your portfolio.

Making memories

Professional photography is about making memories for my client. The images I like the most are portraits - headshots! I like to make the image and its associated memory by doing portraits photography. My next favorite genre is slightly bigger events, such as family groups, workplace groups (branding) and then big events such as weddings and Balls. All this centres around my love of portrait photography.


Together, we will make fabulous memories with your images. Fifty years, thousands of portraits and dozens of weddings and a professional lighting setup, mean that you will get beautiful photographs. The best place to make them, is somewhere you are comfortable, your home or a venue of your choice. Wedding photography is always at the venue, and by definition, brand photography is where the work is! I do a rapid turn around for business photography (and others if asked). Unless you specifically ask me to, I will not share any of your photos on social media!

The next step is to arrange a meeting, so that we can talk it all through, in a FREE no obligation chat, either, in person, a call or an email.

Joanna posing for a portrait photograph, on the Skyros ferry
Paul and Jitka posing for their wedding photographs
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