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Axiom Pictures is all about pictures, images, photographs, fabulous portraits of people!

I love taking photos, making images of people. As you can see elsewhere on this website I like landscape photography too, but my real passion is portrait photography. I like "headshot" images, branding images, portraits, weddings and anything else I can squeeze in.

Some people are very happy about having their photo taken and some are not. The people that are happy to be photographed are relatively straight forward, but the people who don't like being photographed require much more from me, the photographer. It seems to me, that to make a good image requires a whole load of disparate concepts to coincide at the exact right moment. To make this happen, I like to start at the beginning.

I started taking photos in 1974, I took photos of everything, particularly Rally Cars! In 1980 Mount St Helens exploded in Washington State and gave the most incredible sunrise/sunsets, I have been making those images ever since.

I have always liked photos of people, but never really connected the dots until 2015. Since then I have become fascinated by it. I have studied, studied and studied some more. There seems to be an endless amount to learn. The camera (technical) part is complex but logical and straightforward. The human part is boggling, convoluted, extremely complex and unending. 


The most important part I have learnt is the photography is not about cameras as such, but memories. Its quite obvious really. For most of us, we take snaps of our children and family, later we look back at them and remember the day or whatever. We probably did not set out, to make a memory, but that's what these photos are - memories.

Therefore it follows that wedding, portrait etc photography is about making memories. Memories of loved ones, events and many other things. 

What I have to do as a professional photographer is make exquisite images to evoke those memories in the best possible way!

The image at the top is Georgia, she is a ballerina, and has  sat for me a number of times.

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