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Axiom Pictures is all about pictures, images, photographs, fabulous portraits of people!

I love taking photos, making images of people. As you can see elsewhere on this website I like landscape photography too, but my real passion is portrait photography. I like "headshot" images, branding images, portraits and anything else I can squeeze in.

Some people are very happy about having their photo taken and some are not. The people that are happy to be photographed are relatively straight forward, but the people who don't like being photographed require much more from me, the photographer. It seems to me, that to make a good image requires a whole load of disparate concepts to coincide at the exact right moment. To make this happen, I like to start at the beginning.

When we first start chatting, probably an email or DM, I'll explain that, on "the" day, right from the moment you get up in the morning,  you need to prepare. This is going to be a great day!

I want you to feel your best, so start from the skin up, wear your favourite perfume! Have you hair (I don't have any) in your most preferred style. Prepare a couple of changes of clothes, for different looks that you might like. Have your jewelry/watches or whatever ready. I think a hat and/or a scarf give a different emotion to the image.

I believe that colour is really important. The colour of your skin and any makeup (or not) you might wear. The colour pallet of the clothing you choose, it all has a huge influence upon the way that you will look in the completed image.

On the day, the first thing is coffee. We need to have a chat. Most people I photograph, I have met before. Occasionally I have not met you, so we need to get to know each other a bit. After all, you are trusting me with something very important. Apart from that I like coffee a great deal! Whilst we are drinking our coffee, we will chat through how the session is going to be. I like to have a look around the venue and choose a couple of places, where to do the image making. The most important bit is the space, not the light, I bring the light with me. Sometimes, an outdoor set is good, sometimes different spaces around the venue. Each space brings its own feeling and image. Once we have sorted out the initial setup, clothing, space, lighting and whatever else. Let the shoot begin!

During the shoot, I will guide you, and make suggestions about, how to stand, how to hold your body, how to hold your hands, how to have your mouth, how to have your eyes. Each little bit we will hone to perfection to get the best possible image of you, that you have ever seen. Frequently during the shoot, we will review the images. We need to be sure that you are happy. I need to be sure, that each bit is correct. Its surprising how often people blink, just as I press the shutter release.

The whole thing takes between, two and two and a half hours. That sounds like a long time, for me, it absolutely flies by, often people don't want the shoot to end. I take between 150 and 250 photos during that time. It takes between two and ten minutes to process each photo. I like to process or "develop" the photos quite promptly, whilst the shoot is fresh in my memory. This bit takes a couple of days to complete, it requires a lot of concentration. Out of the total number of photos, I hope to get fifty to seventy five decent images. Usually then, there are five or ten outstanding ones. If I am lucky!

I love to get a few of these final images printed. A printed image is a proper work of art, they are just fabulous. I have a friendly printer and framer just up the road.

I would like to be able to come and see you to go through the final images, but sometimes, that might not work out.

That's it then until the next time. I would absolutely love it, if you could refer people to me!

The image at the top is Georgia, she is a ballerina, and has  sat for me a number of times.

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